Amigurumi: Tiny Pellet Toy
Not a day goes by, a new hobby called strange does not become popular. Just when we were obsessed with miniature beauty, we heard something like amigurumi.
Around motifs, techniques, materials were revolving. “What is this amigurumi?” He said that the things that come out before us. Turns out there was a time when we had to meet so often.
What is Amigurumi? How To? To put it briefly, amigurumi, with the help of wool yarns and crochet knitted according to certain templates,
filled with fiber-shaped tiny toy figures. The name of this hobby, which is imported from Japan, is also Japanese. The word Ami means weave
with crochet or skewer. Nuigurumi means stuffed toys. When it comes to amigurumi, there are knitted, stuffed toys!

Yes, maybe the first time we meet, he doesn’t meet the expectations that come from ear to ear, “So … Is that what it was?” may be.
But the beauty of this simple hobby is actually here. A hobby without rules, simple materials, not occupy much space while working, does not require much experience and skills,
colorful, fun, can appeal to a large age group, free hobby lovers who love to hang out! These are the reasons why the nation took and walked.

Which figures can be made by Amigurumi technique?
What are the amigurumi Although animal figures are predominantly used in amigurumis, there are so many options … By looking at the examples,
it is possible to create animals with a lot of different figures as people get used to it. From Harry Potter, to the toy cars, to the baby in the swaddle,
from the fruit basket to the winged angels, from the Sesame Street to the Little Bird, from the matryoshka, from the stars and the moon to the different costumed princesses.
Amigurumiler toy, home decoration, support, keychain, needles, Christmas tree, such as being able to take on many tasks. So where to start? What materials do I need? How will we learn?
Again, of course, we will keep the path of the internet for every problem. Just type amigurumi on any search engine in order to find all kinds of examples, new ideas,
templates, techniques and latest model materials together. It’s hard for you not to have enthusiasm after what you’re gonna meet, to tell us.