Materials for Amigurumi Construction
However, we have listed the necessary materials for enthusiasts who can say, “I should not attempt to investigate empty about Amigurumi.”
You can find all the necessary materials in shops, knitwear and knitting stores. After completing the list, we leave the template search to you.
amigurumi supplies
Amigurumi Knitting rope: The rope of the amigurumis is made by knitting with the needling technique. The ideal rope for this is thick, soft,
woolen or cotton, and, of course, multicolored knitting ropes. You can even use your wool as a result of the scarves you have woven in winter.
Let’s not go without reminding; the higher the quality of your knitting yarn, the better your amiguruminiz looks. Also, we recommend you to choose 100% cotton,
wool or linen knitting yarns that do not contain synthetic materials such as acrylic and nylon in amigurumis for babies and children.

Crochet: You need to weave your amigurumis with the same size of knitting threads in size and number, so that the result is smooth.
It is useful to choose a crochet according to the thickness of the rope.
amigurumi works: If you combine or combine the pieces you have knitted for Amigurumi, you will need fibers to fill them.
We recommend the use of anti bacterial silicone fibers. Use more fiber for tighter and harder textures, and less fiber for more loose and soft fill.
Although the main materials consist of knitting rope, crochet and fiber, as you can see in the samples, there are no accessories, ornaments,
material types that can be used in amigurumide. You can also add to the three main materials listed above: needle and thread, scissors, eyes made of plastic beads,
felt balls or felt plates, embroidery threads, ribbons, buttons, fabric pieces, fabric dyes, fabric dyeing pens, flake, sequin, beads …
You can extend the list of materials forever.

You don’t necessarily have to buy the accessories you need to create your amigurumi. For example, you can give your amigurumi cat a tiny little weft
from knitting threads. Mix the drawers in the house a little bit, see what comes up! Soda lozenges, toothpicks, old socks, Christmas decorations …
You can use almost every little object as an accessory for your amygthula and create it from the beginning.
Rather than wandering around the shops and searching for gifts for your loved ones when you still have time, why not make a change this year and give everyone a personalized,
amigurumi gift with your hands? Santa Claus, Snowman, Deers … Alternative Lots. A bit of curiosity, a bit of imagination is enough!