You remember the ornaments of the watermelon car that marked the eighties ancak Amigurumi or knitting toys are known in our country for a long time, but today we are not able to say that the knitting works are much improved for the first time. Let’s go to amigurumiye; Japanese, Ami (made with crochet or skewer) and nuigurumi (stuffed toys), derived from the words, well-known knitting knitting technique of needle technique is adapted to the state .

Needles РNeedles that you will use in your work, medium or large size straight tip and must be a wool needle. Long pin needles will also help you in the assembly stage. After completing your work, you can choose to embroider the eyebrow, eye, nose and embroidery needle.  Plastic Eyes РChoosing the most appropriate eyes for the resulting character increases the authenticity of your work. There are many materials available for this job. Our suggestion is to use black, flat, round beads for teddy bear or other cute animal characters. Moreover, the application is quite comfortable! They can be applied with the help of glue and some can be easily placed with screw structures.  Felt Plate РFor a more natural work, you can also choose to use felt instead of plastic beads. It is the healthiest option felt to create or decorate areas such as eyes, mouth and nose.