We continue to share the construction of cute toys, ornaments and decorative objects from Amigurumiden. Previously we have described the construction of a similar model knitted heart keychain. Today we will try to explain the cute knitted owl keychain model. The Crochet owl model will be a decorative keychain that you can use for multi-purpose. We will need white, pink, green yarn, crochet, beads, fiber and key clips. For the body part of our owl we pull 4 chains and form a ring. Then we pull 1 chain and make 10 frequent needles on it. Then we take a chain in the beginning of the row, the order of the series before each row to divide twice, 1 in the next round to increase the number 1 increase, in the next round to increase the size of 2, increase to 3 build 5 rows.

We go to the white thread, we go through a white thread, then we go to pink yarn and we weave two rows and we weave with another row of white thread. We go to green yarn and weave 2 rows and we weave 1 row of pink, 3 rows of white and 3 rows of pink yarn. In the pink thread we have a row of 5 knots and 1 declination, the other row of 4 weaving and 1 subtraction, we continue to weave with 6 rows of pink yarn. We pull 5 chains for the wings and into the last chain, 3 triple handrails, 5 double handrails, 1 chain, 5 double handrails, 3 triple handrails, 4 chains pull the same place with the needle. We’re gonna have two pieces of the same weave.

We make frequent needles around the pink color and sew the wings into the body. For the eyes, we pull 4 chains with a white thread and pull 6 chains in the next round and pull 6 chains. Then we pull out a chain and we sew two black beads on the middle of each row. We make eyes with green eyes. We cut the ears 8 long thread, fold the middle and then make the knots by knitting. We also complete the weave by inserting the key clip of the owl in which we filled it with fiber.