Tips for Perfecting Your Amigurumis
Small details are what makes handmade work beautiful. Every thought that has been carefully considered, makes your hand better. You can reveal an amigurumi work
that looks much better by paying attention to these little secrets that we will give you 🙂
Use a Crocheted Thin Tip!
If you use a 3.5 mm crochet and acrylic-weighted rope, you can do more tightly and properly knitted amigurumis. The smaller the hook of your bag,
the easier it is to hold the rope and the tighter the loops. When knitting the amigurumi we usually use 2.5 and 3.5 crochet numbers. If you use a large crochet
hook on your thread, big holes will form on your fabric and the fibers will appear from the inside. If we don’t want the amigurumi to look bad and lose your enthusiasm 🙂

Take Time to Assemble Parts
Take time to plan where parts should be tied and mark them with a sewing marker.
Practice Enough
Do plenty of exercise. You will see the development of ourselves. Try different crochet, different threads, choose the material you are best used by your hand and continue with it.
Be Careful in Reducing the Number of Stitches
Some amigurumi recipes use only a reduction. For this reason, you can get an amorphous amigurumi by not understanding how much reduction you will make.
In the following, we will explain what the reduction symbols mean when we describe the techniques of amigurumi.

Crochet and Yarn Hold
The position of your thread between your fingers is very important to ensure a comfortable knitting experience and proper tension to the material you knit.
The thread is held with the thumb of the left hand, under the middle finger, and passed over the ring and pink finger.
The crochet is held in two different positions between the head and index finger of the right hand; which position is more convenient to you if you choose that position and work.
Different grip patterns will not make any difference in your pattern.
Pen Hold: The crochet is between the head and index fingers of the right hand.