Hello friends As msa.world family today we are adding one more to our amigurumi animal productions. Newly trendy models and products are also available, as were the models from the past. Knitted pieces were used to decorate only the dowry chests, and nowadays, their use has expanded considerably. There are even clothes made from knitting, decorative products made of knitting or even knitting, hand made toys. Hand-made products are always more valuable and precious. Instead of taking your child’s toys, you can do some of them by designing at home yourself. Thousands of toy making videos, pictures are available. There are toys made of fabric as well as toys made from knitting. You can decide which one to choose by yourself.

The world of Amigurumi is colorful and quite extensive. You can make toys by knitting almost anything you can think of. Amigurumi animals are among their favorite toy models of children. Amigurumi donkey toy is also one of them. As Hobikitty, you can choose these natural knitting toys with love, detailed craftsmanship and diligence with the peace of mind of your children. These toys, which we weave with washable, cotton-free hair, will be a very special option for many people looking for different souvenirs. I think it will be one of the indispensable accessories of your baby rooms.

While we are preparing to sleep with our baby, we can also give them to their babies as sleeping companions. We put a little rattle on this cute knit donkey and made it more sympathetic. It’s also a good idea to rattle the attention of young children who are forced to eat. I did the amigurumi toys with their mouths and nose as well as their eyes. The locked eye can also be used, of course, your choice. You can create these cute knitting toys with personal characteristics reflecting you or your loved ones, you can choose with your favorite colors.