Before going on to our recipe, make sure that there are at least 50% cotton when knitting amigurumi in knitted toys. Amigurumi babies are usually used in my ropes, alize cotton gold, gazzal baby cotton, yarn art jeans. Threads used in making baby alone, Dress, snowball organica prints Skin color, yarn art ideal Hair, yarn art begonia 12 mm eye, white felt, 1.90 mm crochet, beaded fiber amigurumide materials used in rope, crochet, fiber, needle, scissors are the basic materials that must be in all toys. Amigurumi Terms Some abbreviated terms used in knitting toy recipes X = SIK NEEDLE V = INCREASE A = EXCEPTION W = THE SAME STAY WILL BE STILL C.C = STREET SLIDING T = BINARY TRABZAN

Arm Construction We keep on making knitting toys with arm. We start with 6 frequent needles into the magic ring making the 1st row. 2nd row V.X.V.X.V.X = 9 frequent needles 3rd row V.4X.V.3X. = 11 frequent needles 4th row X.V.5X.V.3X = 13 frequent needle 5th row 2X.popcorn.10X = 13 frequent needle 6. Row 13 frequent needles 7th row 2X.A.4X.A.3X = 11 frequent needles (8-24) sorts 11 frequent needles With green color, 12 frequent needles to be made in order Blo 3X.V.3X.V.3X.V = 15 frequent needles 1 chain, 1 bowknot scroll, 1 chain, 1 bowknot scroll from the bottom of the green with pink rope. 3rd row 4X.V.4X.V.4X.V = 18 frequent needles (4-7) Sorts 18 Frequent Needles 8th row 4X.A.4X.A.4X.A = 15 frequent needles 9th row 3X.A.3X.A.3X.A = 12 frequent needles 10th row 4X.A.4X.A = 10 frequent needles Foot Construction We went to the foot section of the knitting toys. Start with green color, pull 5 chains, make 3 frequent pins. row 5 chains, 3X.W.2X.V = 10 frequent needles by skipping the first stitch Sequence V.2X.3V.2X.2V = 16 frequent needles order X.V.2X.X.V.X.V.X.V.2X.X.V.X.V = 22 frequent needles 22 frequent needles with 9 rows. To make a heel, 10th place 11X. frost. 1 chain. skip the first stitch. 7X.A. frost. 1 chain. skip the first stitch. 5X. Return to A. 1 chain. skip the first stitch. 3X. A. Return 11th row, 1 chain. 21X. Bowknot scroll C.C Number 12 chain. 21X. Bowknot scroll C.C 13th place chain. 5X.A.5X.A.5X.A. Bowknot scroll C.C 14th place chain. 18X. Loop shift = 18 frequent needles 15-20. 1 chain between rows, 18X, loop shift = 18 frequent needles 21st row Go to pink, fill with fiber. It will be knitted from the front of the loop. 1 chain, 1 stitch will be knitted in the form of scroll. Leg Making We continue with skin color. Sequence 1 chain, 8X, 1 stitch skip, 8X, 1 stitch shift = 16 frequent needle 16 rows of 16 knitting needles. Go to green color 3 rows. Then join the two legs together by centering them with 3 chains.

Bodybuilding sequence 7X, V, 9X, V, 8X, V, 9X, V, X = 42 with frequent needle 9.) Interleave eight rows of 42 frequent needles. Tie the 10th row 12X, A, 12X, A, 12X, A = 39 frequently. In the 12th row, the 12th rows of 39 frequent needles. 13th row 11X, A, 11X, A, 11X, A = 36 tighten the needle frequently. 14-15) rows 36 frequent needles. Knot 16, 10X, A, 10X, A, 10X, A = 33. 17-18) Draw the 33 needle in the rows 33. Tier 19, A, 9X, A, 9X, A, 9X = 30 with a frequent needle. 20-21-22) 30 knitting needles in rows. 23 row 29X, V = 31 frequent needle. Step 24: 5X, V, 9X, V, 5X, V, 9X = 34. 25-26) 34 knitting needles. Tape 27, 32X, A = 33. 28, 6X, A, 18X, 4x knit together with the knit, X, A = 31 frequently knit needles. Knit X, A, 6X, A, 2X, A, 3X = 27 with frequent knitting in row 29, 6X, A, X, 4X. Twist the 30th row of 2X, A, 5X, A, X, A, 2X, A, 2X, A, X, A, 2X = 21. Go to 31, 7X, A, 5X, skin tone. Blo 20 frequent needles from the rear side with row skin color. tie 4X, A, 8X, A, 4X = 18 frequently. 4. Draw 18 frequent needles with rows 4. 5 row 18 knit wrapping scroll. Head Construction Knitting Toy River Baby Recipe Knitting Toy River Baby Recipe We continue from the trunk. The head will be knitted together with the body. 24 needle row of 30 frequent needles row 36 frequent needle queue 42 frequent needles 48 frequent needles 54 frequent needles 60 frequent needles 66 frequent needles – Knit 4 rows of 66 frequent needles between 12 rows. 13th order of 60 frequent needles 14th row of 54 frequent needles His eyes will be between the 16th and 17th rows. There will be 10 frequent needles between two eyes. Knitting Toy River Baby Recipe Knitting Toy River Baby Recipe Tie 54 frequent needles in 15 rows to 15 rows. 26th row of 48 frequent needles 27th row of 42 frequent needles 28th row 36 frequent needles 29th row of 30 frequent needles 30th row of 24 frequent needles 31st row 18 frequent needles 32th row of 12 frequent needles 33th row of 6 frequent needles Turn 34th off.